Over 40 years of history

Our company has been operating in the field of precision engineering for over 30 years (the owners for over 40 years), gauges and equipments in general represent our work field.

Me-Ga srl Meccanica Gandossi was established in 1980 in a small part of Rovato (Bs) by the brothers Giuseppe and Aurelio Gandossi, who equipped a 100 workshop with lathe, milling, manual rectification and one worker.

In 1982 the first plant had some problems with space and an inadequate location in order to satisfy the customer’s needs with a fast service, therefore they moved to another location situated in Villa-Erbusco (Bs) doubling the work space and increasing to 5 workers.


The new plant allows us to invest in bettering our machineries as well as the quality management throughout the work process.

In the early 90’s Me-Ga moves its headquarters where we currently are in Cazzago San Martino (Bs).

Furthermore we have 1000 covered warehouse that allows us to do a new development stage.


The programming of investments in machineries and control instruments, equipping also an air-conditioned standard room for control testing.

New machineries were bought and new employees were hired to better the work.

In 2000, Me-Ga obtained the certification of quality system according to UNI-EN ISO 9002 for the construction of processing equipment and control that will be subsequently up-dated to UNI 9001:2008 extending the construction field not only to the construction but also to the design of processing and control equipment.

The work of manufacturing gauges and precision mechanical equipment is distributed in the automotive, automation and transfer machinery sector with customers mainly distributed in the Lombardy and North-East region.

Both production and design are very demanding and require high professional human resources with considerable technical knowledge.  Currently we are a group, whose staff is composed by about 20 people divided into the following departments: turning, milling, grinding, laser marking, control and certification, technical department and administration.

We rely on qualified external suppliers for heat and surface treatments only and offer our customers a series of high quality products and services “turnkey”.

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